Finding Passive Income

Passive income can come in many ways. You may be surprised to know how much passive income you have coming in every month. I examined my financials and found out how much I was bringing home. How about you? How can you grow your passive income?

One Year Business Update

It’s been a year since my wife and I quit our corporate jobs to make a go at running our own businesses. Did we make the right decision? It’s been a wild ride but we are excited to share with you our progress.

Growing Pains

Have you ever set a goal, thinking you would never hit it, but then did?! That is happing now as I am growing my baby business month by month. Read on to see how the business is growing.

An Unexpected Offer

Have you ever been excited about the direction you were going in life only to have an unexpected offer come along to make you question your path? Check out the offer that came our way on our financial independence journey.