Hello, my name is Amber.

I'm a nature lover, international traveler, admirer of languages, and food fanatic.  For a living, I'm a business owner and business consultant. I have a passion for life and want to help others fall in love with their lives.  One of the many reasons that I've been able to enjoy my life so much, is because I've made managing my finances a priority.  I've made many mistakes along the way as well as good decisions that helped my future self.  I want to share what I've learned over the years to inspire others to look at their life and finances in a different way than what society tells us to do.

I hope you find my stories helpful and inspiring, and that together we can make our lives more financially sound so that we can continue to enjoy this wonderful life that has been given to us.



I track my net worth on Personal Capital. Use this link to sign up for free and receive a $20 Amazon Gift card.